SUNFLOWER Aluminum Pigment

Sunflower aluminium pigment, excellent metallic effect.

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SUNFLOWER Medicinal Pigment

Pharmaceutical grade pearl pigment, a symbol of the highest food safety level.

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SUNFLOWER Cosmetic Pigment

With a shimmering pearl effect, the delicate makeup is pleasing to the eye.

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SUNFLOWER Glitter Powder

The ubiquitous sunflower glitter powder, that's the power of the brand.

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SUNFLOWER Pearlescent Pigment

Automotive grade mica pigments that give products outstanding appearance and powerful functions.

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SUNFLOWER Titanium Dioxide Pigment

Strong quality control and supply capabilities are the foundation of our foothold in the global market.

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About Us

Sunflower Group is a diversified industrial investment company. Adhering to the values and principles of the group, we take high-quality chemicals, new materials, and new energy as our main investment targets, promote the integration of industry and finance, and provide enterprises with efficient enterprise management and operation services. Make the rapid expansion of the company possible. We have an international team rooted in China, make full use of the group's network advantages and industrial background, implement the group's overall development strategy through a stable development concept and capital management system, and promote the development of chemical, new materials and other industries.

Until 2022, the Group's Aluminum Pigment Division, Cosmeceutical Pigment Division, Glitter Pigment Division, Pearl Pigment Division, and Titanium Dioxide Pigment Division have entered a stage of sustained and stable development. Through comprehensive and rigorous data analysis, as well as assigning professional management personnel to participate in the daily operations of the business unit, our industrial investment in the chemical industry has achieved good results. In the future, we will continue to maintain vitality, integrate chemical resources, establish a huge raw material supply system, achieve the largest industrialization and scale, further expand the global market, and provide customers with one-stop material supply.