Add golden pearl pigment to 3D filament

Applying golden pearl pigments to the production of 3D printing filaments to obtain printed products with a similar metallic texture or pearl-like luster can not only expand the aesthetic range of 3D printing materials, but also promote the realization of creative designs.

Colorful color options

Pearl pigments show rich color changes under different lighting angles, increasing the layering and high-end feel of the product. At the same time, they have good dispersion and high temperature resistance, remain stable during the printing process, and are evenly distributed in the molten plastic.

Dynamic color changes bring products to life

Depending on the viewing angle or light conditions, it can present a variety of color effects. This chameleon effect allows printed objects to show fascinating color transitions at different viewing angles, inspiring designers' unlimited creativity and promoting the development of 3D printing technology in the fields of art and design.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Pearl pigments are based on natural minerals and can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. Compared with metal powders or other chemical coatings, pearl pigments are in many cases more environmentally friendly, in line with the pursuit of sustainability and environmental protection in modern design.

A visual feast that transcends the industry

Pearl pigments have a color luster effect that is unmatched by traditional solid color pigments, especially in the fields of jewelry, decorations, art and fashion design. The use of pearl pigments broadens the boundaries of 3D printing design, allowing designers to use its properties to create works that imitate complex structures in nature or in futuristic styles.

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