Common problems and storage of aluminum paste

Jan 15, 2022

Common problems and storage of aluminum paste(图1)

Common problems and storage of aluminum paste

Common problem

1. The aluminum paste itself is a malleable and ductile sheet with a coating. Too high acid value (appropriately less than 15), long continuous processing and high-speed stirring will damage the surface coating and The integrity of the paint will result in the blackening of the paint, the reduction of hiding power, and the appearance of coarse particles in the paint film. If this phenomenon occurs, the process flow, processing time, and stirring speed should be adjusted.

2. Difficult to disperse: Mainly caused by improper use of solvents and resins. New resins and solvents can be appropriately prepared. If the product is too fine to disperse, the soaking time can be appropriately extended and stirred at a uniform speed.

3. If the product turns black or yellow during use, it may be that the product is oxidized and blackened due to poor sealing, and then re-sample. If yellowing occurs, it is mainly caused by too high baking temperature. Should be baked at a suitable temperature (not more than 500 degrees is appropriate)

4. Aluminum paste may have poor leveling in the use of building materials. If there are adverse reactions in this regard, please re-dispense the solvent and adjust it according to the performance of the resin, because this may be caused by the solvent and improper use of the resin. .

5. Particles appear on the surface of the sprayed object, which may be due to oxidation and blackening. The dispersion is not good, or the product contains impurities. If it is due to oxidation, the sample should be re-sampled. If the product contains impurities and particles appear, it should be filtered with a filter cloth before use and then blended (filter cloth Should be 325 mesh)

6. The addition of aluminum paste in the ink should be determined by the customer, generally 6%-10%

7. Adding an appropriate amount of dispersant or other related additives to the aluminum paste will improve the dispersion and smoothness of the aluminum paste, depending on customer needs.


1. Store in an airtight tank indoors at a storage temperature of 15-40°C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, rain, or high temperatures.

2. Ensure that the storage temperature is not lower than 15°C (special attention should be paid in winter or when the surrounding temperature is equal to or lower than 10°C).

3. Excessive jolts and vibrations during transportation and storage under certain conditions may cause partial separation of aluminum and solvent components. Therefore, avoid high-speed stirring during use, so as not to damage the shape of the aluminum sheet.