Briefly describe the product structure of sunflower aluminum pigments

Feb 19, 2022


What is Aluminum Pigment? With the change of life, more and more aluminum pigment products have begun to enter people's lives. Whether it's paint or paint on furniture. People's awareness of aluminum pigments is also getting stronger and stronger. So, what are aluminum pigments? I would like to briefly describe the product structure of sunflower aluminum pigments.

What is Aluminum Pigment? Before answering this question, let's first understand the basic classification of aluminum pigments. Aluminum pigments are metallic pigments and are usually used as fillers in paints and coatings. Due to their good performance, they can basically play a role in protecting products and decorative products. Sunflower aluminum pigments are mainly divided into the following three categories of products.

1. Aluminum paste, using aluminum powder as raw material, after ball milling through a special process, the surface of the aluminum sheet in the aluminum paste is smooth and smooth, the shape is regular, and the particle size distribution is concentrated, so as to make a paste or paste product. Aluminum pastes are mainly divided into water-based aluminum pastes and oil-based aluminum pastes according to their properties. Among the oil-based aluminum pastes, leafing and non-leafing aluminum pastes are more common, which are generally used in paint, ink, glass fiber, automotive coatings and other industries; Water-based aluminum paste is used in the water-based environmental protection material industry, such as water-based epoxy paint, water-based paint and other related coating industries.

2. Aluminum pigment powder, aluminum pigment powder is a kind of flake silver powder. The pigments used in aluminum pigment powder are usually in the shape of scales. It is precisely because of the particles in this scale shape that aluminum pigment powder has metal Gloss and good shielding function. The aluminum pigment powder produced by Sunflower Chemical usually adopts wet ball milling and re-coating process, which has the characteristics of high solid content, stable quality and excellent weather resistance. Generally used in powder coatings, outdoor decoration products, plastic masterbatches and some ink products.

3. Aluminum Granules, by removing the excess solvent on the surface of the aluminum paste, adding specific additives, and finally extruding them into cylinders with a diameter of 2mm and a length of 8-10mm. The appearance of Aluminum Granules is basically solid strip shape, which is environmentally friendly, safe and easy to disperse. It can be stored for a long time. It is usually suitable for plastic system and ink printing system. It is mainly used in home appliances, automotive interiors, mobile phone shells, films, profiles and masterbatch industry.