Main Types of Sunflower Group Glitter Powder

Feb 19, 2022


The following is a brief description of the product structure of Sunflower Group's Glitter Powder

1.PET, PVC Glitter Powder

The product is composed of vacuum metal polyester plastic film, and its color layer is a thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer, which can produce a wide range of colors, and can be used on wood, paper, cloth, metal by silk screen printing, coating, and spraying. , leather goods, ceramics and other materials. Create special and striking effects such as decoration or reflection. The pvc material glitter powder is not resistant to high temperature (60 ℃), acid and alkali. Pet material Glitter powder is resistant to high temperature (190 ℃), acid and alkali.

2.Metallic Glitter Powder

The product consists of an extremely thin aluminium foil with a coloured outer layer of thermoset cross-bonded epoxy. Glitter powder (glitter) is suitable for many soluble materials and can also be applied dry. Metal glitter powder is an ideal material for plastic products, with a temperature resistance of 250°C and acid and alkali resistance.

3.Symphony Series Glitter Powder

This product is a unique glitter powder without metal components, but due to the optical properties of the polymer film that constitutes the product, the product has metal color changes and luster, with obvious color changes. It is especially suitable for printing, craft industry, cosmetics, jewelry, so that the products have the appearance of changing colors.

4Laser series glitter powder

This product is made of imported high-brightness and high-dazzling laser original film, coated and colored at high temperature, and cut by professional precision machinery into sequins with uniform shapes and specifications. The original film is generally an environmentally friendly PET laser film, and the laser glitter powder produced is expensive. Since the laser glitter powder has better reflective effect than ordinary glitter powder, it is generally used in injection molding, glass building materials and other industries to make it shiny exposed to the surface.