Laser plasma application skills and storage

Feb 26, 2022

Laser plasma application skills and storage(图1)

Laser plasma application skills and storage

Laser paste (or rainbow pigment paste) is a kind of high-grade metal optically variable pigment, which is specially processed from thin metal aluminum. Produces a bright and vivid rainbow phenomenon, showing different colors as the viewing angle changes.

The effect of the laser slurry is related to the smoothness of the sprayed surface. The smoother the surface, the better the effect. The discoloration effect is related to the particle size of the pigment. The appearance of the small particle size is uniform and fine, and the coarse particle size is a thicker bright rainbow flash.

The rainbow effect is also related to the resin and solvent used in paint preparation. It is recommended to use low acid value mirror resin, and make a small test before use to ensure the best effect.

When the surface needs to be varnished, the effect of varnish on the laser layer is very important. The active ingredient of the laser powder is aluminum, so a varnish with a low acid value (acid value <5) must be selected. In addition, the solubility of the varnish should be moderate. If it is too strong, it will dissolve the surface of the substrate or the laser layer, destroy the orderly arrangement of the laser slurry, and cause the laser effect to be greatly weakened.

Recommended dosage: The recommended dosage in paint is 0.5-2%. The recommended dosage in the ink is 10-20%, the dosage of small particle size is more, and the dosage of large particle size is less, as follows: ①10μm laser paste 16-20%, resin and solvent 80-84%, silk screen 300% eye. ②20μm laser paste 14-18%, resin and solvent 82-86%, silk screen 250 mesh. ③35μm laser paste 10-14%, resin and solvent 86-90%, silk screen 200 mesh.

Safe storage: 10℃-25℃ dry indoor storage, keep the container sealed, the storage period is 6 months.