Degradable Glitter Powder Pigment

Mar 14, 2022


Degradable Glitter Powder Pigment

1. What is degradable glitter powder:

Degradable glitter powder is a luminescent material made of degradable film. It is made from cellulose (similar to seaweed), a biodegradable plastic that degrades in the natural environment.

2. Properties of degradable glitter powder:

According to the objective conditions or mechanisms causing degradation, degradation can be roughly divided into: biodegradation, photodegradation, oxidative degradation and hydrolytic degradation. Glitter powder is a biodegradable plastic.

3. Conditions of degradable glitter powder:

 Efficient biodegradation by microorganisms requires heat, water and oxygen. Biodegradable plastics are metabolized by microorganisms, which convert bioplastic products into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

4. Inspection standard of degradable glitter powder:

1. EN 13432: Standard for the compostability of materials (products), in other words the biodegradability certification of products. It is to bury the product in a certain (professional) fertilizer under certain conditions. The fertilizer has been specially selected or cultivated and contains various fungi. Because the material is degraded by the breakage of molecular chains under the action of moisture, humidity, heat and fungi, the products are small molecules such as carbon dioxide. The degree of degradation of the material is identified by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide released. This is the most authoritative standard at present.

2. ASTM D6400: American Standard Specification for Compostable Materials

Note: After passing the EN13432 or ASTM D6400 inspection, the product must be submitted to each regional certification body for certification. After passing the certification, the corresponding logo will be issued.

5. What are the signs of degradable glitter powder?

The seedling mark is a certification mark for products with composting properties. It has been certified by the Belgian certification body TÜV Austria Belgium and the German certification body DINCERTCO, and is widely recognized in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and other regions.

The BPI mark is a certification mark that the product has the ability to push fertilizer, and the main recognition area is the Americas.