Application of Conductive Aluminum Paste in LCD Panel Production

Mar 21, 2022


Application of Conductive Aluminum Paste in LCD Panel Production

Conductive aluminum paste is a low-temperature baking conductive aluminum paste specially designed for resistive and capacitive touch screen circuits. It is made of high-performance resin and aluminum powder with good electrical conductivity.

Main application of conductive aluminum paste: low curing temperature, high bonding strength, stable electrical properties, suitable for screen printing. It is suitable for conductive and thermally conductive welding in normal temperature curing welding places such as quartz crystal, infrared pyroelectric detectors, piezoelectric ceramics, potentiometers, flash tubes, shielding, circuit repair, etc. It can also be used for conductive welding in the radio instrument industry. It can also replace solder paste to achieve conductive bonding.

Conductive aluminum pastes are divided into two categories: (1) polymer conductive aluminum paste (dry or cured film, with organic polymer as the binder phase); (2) sintered silver conductive paste (sintered film, sintering temperature > 500 ℃, Glass powder or oxide as binder phase). According to particle size classification, the average particle size is less than 0.1 micron (100nm) as nano aluminum powder. 0.1 micron <Dav (average particle size) 10.0 micron is coarse aluminum powder. The three types of silver conductor adhesives require different types of aluminum powders as conductive fillers or combinations, and even different formulas require different aluminum powders as conductive functional materials in each category. The purpose is to determine the formula or film formation process, using less The aluminum powder realizes the use of aluminum's electrical and thermal conductivity, which is related to cost, to optimize film performance.