The use and preservation method of aluminum paste

Apr 09, 2022


The use and preservation method of aluminum paste

The use and preservation method of aluminum paste, there will be volatile substances in the commonly used aluminum paste, such as mineral oil, various additives, etc., which are used to make the aluminum paste have better stability and dispersibility. It is necessary to do a good job of sealing.

After each product is opened, if it is not used up at one time, it must be sealed immediately. Otherwise, it will be air-dried and oxidized after being in contact with the air for a long time, which will cause uneven dispersion of the silver paste, small particles, and blackening. Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of well-sealed aluminum paste can reach more than one year.

An important step in the use of aluminum paste is dispersion.

Usually we disperse the aluminum paste in some solvent, if we can add some wetting agent, and soak it for a while, then slowly stir it to make it into a uniform liquid, and then add it to the paint prepared in advance, just Can achieve better use effect. When the aluminum paste is dispersed, it must not be stirred with high shear force, because the thin aluminum sheet will be deformed, which will affect the appearance. Therefore, be sure to use a slow stirring method.

The paint added with aluminum paste must also meet certain requirements. If the acid value of the paint is too high, the stability of the paint will be reduced, and the paint will become black and thick. The effect of the solvent in the conductive aluminum paste It can dissolve the resin, so that the conductive particles can be fully dispersed in the polymer; adjust the viscosity and viscosity stability of the conductive paste; determine the drying speed; improve the surface state of the substrate, so that the paste and the substrate have good adhesion properties. The solubility and polarity of the solvent in the conductive aluminum paste are important parameters for the selection of the solvent, because the solvent has a great influence on the printability and the bonding and curing of the substrate.

In addition, the boiling point of the solvent, the size of the saturated vapor pressure, and whether the recovery of the palladium-carbon catalyst is toxic to the human body are all factors that should be considered. The boiling point of the solvent and the saturated gas pressure have a great relationship with the stability of the printing material and the durability of the operation; it has a decisive influence on the temperature and rate of heating and curing. Generally, high-boiling solvents are used, and commonly used ones are BCA (butyl soluble anhydride acetate), diethylene glycol butyl ether acetate, diethylene glycol acetate, isophorone, etc. The additives in the conductive aluminum paste are mainly the dispersing agent, leveling agent, anti-oxidant and stabilizer of metal particles of the conductive aluminum paste.