The beauty effect of glitter powder

Apr 09, 2022


The beauty effect of glitter powder

Glitter powder is popular in various industries because of its shiny and fashionable characteristics, but many people think that it is more for decoration and entertainment. In fact, glitter powder is also widely used in cosmetics.

The uses of glitter powder in cosmetics are as follows:

1. Glitter eyeliner

Can you use sequins for eyeliner? Sequin eyeliner with glitter particles will give your eyes more sparkle and the effect is relatively natural. In particular, adding sequins with glitter particles to the black eyeliner not only makes the eyeliner softer, but also looks softer overall. The eyes are also more shiny and charming, especially good-looking!

2. Glitter mascara

Glitter mascara is sure to be one of the most sought-after makeup items at parties of all kinds. Glitter mascara not only makes the look more festive, but the sparkle of the sequins can be seen in the blink of an eye, giving the whole person a sparkling feeling.

3. Glitter eye shadow

Glitter eye shadow is a product with a very high application rate in sequin makeup. Some girls even put sequins in their daily work makeup. The sequins can add an aesthetic value, and it can really be refreshing. However, the fit of the sequin eye shadow is relatively poor, so it is best to use an eye primer before application, which can effectively prevent the sequins from falling off.

4. Glitter lip gloss

For girls with thin lips, if you want to create a fuller lip effect, try a sequin lip gloss. Glitter lip gloss with glitter particles will make the lip makeup more exaggerated and achieve the effect of plumping lips. But sequin lip gloss is not recommended to use with other shiny lip glosses!

5. Highlighter

The highlighter also had the ingredient of adding sequins. Brightening with a highlighter on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin is a popular makeup technique. If you are new to makeup, if you have a hard time mastering sequin makeup, try using a highlighter to brighten up. After lightly smearing some highlights on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin, you can use your fingers to blur it out.

6. Glitter Body Lotion

In recent years, glitter body lotion has become popular. Applying a layer of body lotion on the body can not only moisturize the skin to avoid dryness, but also have a sparkling effect, so it is very popular in the beauty industry.

Glitter powder is a representative of fashion and sparkle, and it is one of the elements that are in line with the vitality of contemporary young people. Therefore, many cosmetic merchants and various jewelry manufacturers like to use it to embellish, and glitter powder has become the mainstream of the moment. One of the young elements.