Sunflower Group spray-free series of aluminum pigments

May 23, 2022


Application of aluminum pigments in plastics

In the fields of automobiles, fashion bags, electronic appliances, metal texture spray-free plastic materials are more and more favored by brand manufacturers, not only from the visual effect to highlight the texture and grade, but also because the spray-free materials can perfectly balance environmental protection, performance, aesthetics and economical. Among the various effect pigments that create a metallic feel, aluminium pigments are indispensable.

Aluminum pigments usually refer to metallic pigments with scaly or silver dollar-like flake structure and bright metallic luster. Common product forms include metal aluminum powder (also known as aluminum powder), aluminum powder paste containing solvent (also known as aluminum paste) ), and a granular pre-formulation with polyethylene wax as the main carrier. It is an important variety of metallic pigments, mainly used in the production of coatings, printing inks, plastic materials and other products and has been widely used.

The use of metallic effect pigments, especially aluminium pigments, in spray-free injection-molded parts is a technically difficult task. Good dispersion can greatly reduce flow marks, but excessive mixing and shearing is likely to destroy the particle structure and flatness of aluminum pigments, thereby reducing its gloss and scintillation, and weakening the metallic texture. Choose the right aluminum pigments to precisely balance dispersion, gloss and sparkle to achieve the desired design effect.

Sunflower Chemical Aluminum Pigment, 1:1 learning from the leading production technology in Europe, has been synonymous with the highest quality aluminum pigment brand in Asia since its establishment in 2000. Advanced and comprehensive production lines ensure that the quality and quantity meet customer needs, and are widely used in various high-end automobiles, electronic products, household appliances, printing inks, instruments and equipment, ships, aircraft, plastics and textiles. In plastic applications, Benda-Lutz has two dedicated lines:

SUNFLOWER leafing and non-leafing series of aluminum pastes are often selected as the main color of plastic coloring because of their rare high coverage and smooth metal effect, elegant and restrained.

SUNFLOWER aluminum granules, this series are solid granular aluminum pigment preparation products, the products cover a wide particle size range, provide a variety of aesthetic effects, suitable for a wide range of plastic types and products. This pre-formulated product line is high in aluminium pigments, has a long shelf life, is dust-free, low VOC, non-toxic and can be used in sensitive applications to provide high gloss, high scintillation and high hiding color effects for plastic products.