Let's use natural mica Luster Dust together to advance into the future.

Apr 08, 2023


Faced with the crisis and difficulties in the field of food safety, having nature mica Luster Dust should not be just the right of some people. The concept of health is increasingly becoming a topic of common concern for individuals, businesses, and governments.

Inspired by the chameleon, the elegant and mysterious temperament showcases an exquisite charm that arouses curiosity among the masses, presenting an unpredictable pearl effect from different perspectives. The colors are delicate and smooth, noble and powerful. Red and gold blend harmoniously in an unprecedented way, with subtle color changes presenting an endless visual feast, bringing a continuous stream of artistic inspiration and imagination space.

Sunflower Group's first natural food grade light changing luster dust, due to its vibrant colors and rapidly changing color , brings clear and sharp color changing effects to colors. Whether in rich dark tones or elegant light tones,it can make the exquisite transformation of color stand out, highlighting the charming personality of colors.

The new series of edible light changing luster dust is about to be released in April. We sincerely invite your participation to unveil its mysterious veil together.