High-end cosmetics manufacturing source

Jul 28, 2023


The sunflower group workshop is completely separated from other production lines for the grading, mixing, packaging and other processes of the finished pearlescent pigments. Compared with ordinary workshops, the main processes of this workshop involve:

1) (after high-temperature calcination) cyclone classification-vibration screening-mixing-filling is automatically conveyed by a fully enclosed clean pipeline, and cooperates with the world's advanced fully enclosed automatic vacuum packaging labeling and packaging production line to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination ;

2) Adopt high, medium and low efficiency comprehensive multi-stage air clean filter system;

3) Fully enclosed workshop with professional clean materials + multi-stage filtered air positive pressure + fully wrapped dust-free clothes + air shower buffer room at the entrance and exit, ensuring the standard requirements of 300,000-class clean workshop;

4) Implement strict particle number control in the air (level 300,000), temperature and humidity control, pest control, and foreign matter control to ensure no cross-contamination.

In addition to the excellent workshop equipment environment, sunflower group implements a strict quality management system for clean workshops. For all hardware equipment, facilities and environment in the workshop, there are detailed and clear standard cleaning procedures, cleaning plans, cleaning records, line change cleaning records, site clearance records and other standard and standardized management. All operators are required to receive regular training on good hygiene behaviors and assessment.

The sunflower group workshop has greatly enhanced the guarantee of legal compliance in the production process. While achieving output growth, it has effectively promoted the improvement of total quality management. Sunflower group strictly abides by the standard requirements, and enhances the competitive advantage of the company's pearlescent pigment products in the global cosmetics market with its excellent operation and management system, which helps to enhance the confidence of cosmetics brands and consumers in the brand of sunflower group.