The Sunflower Chameleon Pearlescent Pigments

Jan 04, 2024


Chameleon series pearlescent pigments: Also known as angle-dependent pearlescent pigments, this color-changing pigment includes two series: iron series chameleon and titanium series chameleon. Through production process control, the mica substrate is alternately coated with a variety of different refractive indexes. Oxide, design the coating thickness of each oxide: light is reflected and refracted by multi-layer films to achieve the special effect of Chameleon series pearlescent pigments with different colors at different angles.

Chameleon pigment is a pearlescent pigment with advanced optical effects. It changes color through multiple refraction and interference of light in the product coating, showing gradual and flowing colors. Its color-changing principle is to absorb ultraviolet light sources of specific wavelengths, and the energy of the light source causes color changes (to purple, red, yellow, sky blue). The color changes will be different at different angles.

Chameleon pearlescent pigments can also be combined with many kinds of organic and inorganic pigments and dyes to create fantastic colors and high mirror effects. Based on the strict control of particle size and substrate quality of substrates with different diameter-to-thickness ratios, the thickness is precisely controlled through multi-layer metal oxides: a series of products with super chromaticity and different colors according to angles are prepared.

The thickness of the optical color-changing film meets the interference conditions of light. After being irradiated by light, a series of light interference effects will occur. Other colors will change with the change of the viewing angle of the human eye. The optical color-changing film is manufactured through a series of processes such as crushing. The color-changing effect of optical color-changing ink is achieved by the light-changing pigment in the ink. The color angle effect of this optical film is the key to the use of optical color-changing inks for anti-counterfeiting.

It is a special type of innovative optical effect. The color will produce three-dimensional color changes according to the different viewing angles. It does not contain heavy metals. It can be used with other pigments and dyes to produce attractive color effects. It is simple and convenient to operate. Easily dispersed in both water-based and solvent-based systems.

Modern technological products are changing with each passing day. In order to make their products attract more customers, companies, in addition to unremittingly improving the performance and quality of their products, are also increasingly paying attention to the appearance design of their products. Color-changing paint is a high-tech product that is very popular in the market. During the application process, the color of the product changes with the change of the viewing angle through optical color-changing oil spray. It has a unique visual effect and is a good decorative material. . It is now used by some leading companies in high-end household and commercial products. For example, it is used in automobiles, motorcycles, sports equipment, home appliances, plastic products, cigarette pack printing and other fields.