Aluminum pigment function

Jan 11, 2021

Aluminum pigment is a kind of metallic pigment, the material is aluminum, auxiliary and wetting agent. The special water-based aluminum silver paste contains a certain amount of silica, and the resin-coated aluminum silver paste contains a special resin material. The role and function of different aluminum pigments will be very different. Aluminum pigments are defined as "effect pigments" in coatings, and most of them reflect the metal structure in the coating system. Only a few cases will use the weather resistance and acid, acid and alkali resistance of aluminum pigments.

Aluminum pigment function(图1)
When choosing the type of anti-corrosion application for the scene, this application follows two directions: good appearance, certain anti-corrosion characteristics, and high-performance anti-corrosion applications that do not consider appearance. The better appearance is to use floating aluminum silver paste to obtain a bright silver effect, which is similar to the galvanizing effect, but the weather resistance is not long; non-floating aluminum silver paste is more commonly used for severe corrosion protection, and aluminum silver paste uses this Adhesion and coating performance of similar products to obtain sufficient corrosion resistance.

Aluminum pigment function(图2)
When choosing the application of plastic paint and metal baking paint, plastic paint often has a more beautiful texture and decorative effect. Therefore, in this regard, silver aluminum paste can provide a good metallic texture and better brightness. However, the scratch resistance, hardness and adhesion of the coating have nothing to do with the product. Of course, in some cases, such as applications requiring acid and alkali resistance, sweat resistance and insulation properties, it is another matter. Aluminum paste has only such a high standard.
Choose the aluminum silver paste suitable for your application to achieve the desired effect and function. Small changes in choice will bring unexpected differences. I hope that most users will cooperate and communicate with industry experts when choosing aluminum-silver paste, so as to use aluminum-silver paste products that are suitable for your current situation to avoid deviation.

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