History and development of aluminum pigments

Jan 25, 2021

Aluminum pigment is also called aluminum powder pigment, which refers to aluminum powder paste (also known as aluminum silver paste) or metal aluminum powder (also known as aluminum silver powder) with scaly or silver dollar structure and bright metallic luster and other pigment characteristics. Polyethylene wax is the main carrier granular (strand or pellet) concentrate. It is an important variety of metal pigments, mainly used in the production of coatings, printing inks, plastic materials and other products and has been used in automobiles, electronic products, household appliances, building materials, printing inks, instruments and equipment, ships, airplanes, and plastic materials. And textiles and other fields have been widely used. Most aluminum pigments belong to the category of effect pigments, which can produce floppy effects in their application systems (such as coating films).
History and development of aluminum pigments(图1)
In addition, because it has the characteristics of being parallel to the substrate when used in the carrier, it can form a barrier structure that is interconnected, concealed, and arranged in multiple layers, so that its appearance has the same high brightness and metallic color as flat, silver and chrome. At the same time, because this structure can block the fine pores of the film-forming material and prevent harmful external gases or harmful liquids from penetrating the coating film, it can effectively protect the coating film and the object being coated.