Gold Luster Dust

Colorful pearl luster, embellish your products, creating a tempting gourmet effect.The magical pearl effect color turns food into a visual food feast! Let the eyes taste the deliciousness first.

Add fun to gourmet delicacies

Edible Luster Dust free of E171 ingredients. Subject to strict quality control and comply with international standards for food and drug safety. Mineral and non-artificial colors are easy to apply and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as candy, ice cream, cakes, beverages, and more!

Effects applied to chocolate prints

The chocolate has a natural black background, which perfectly shows off the pearl effect of golden powder.

Impressive glamorous luster

Life needs wonderful appeal, sprinkled with a little embellishment, adding a little sparkle and vibrancy. Use innate charisma to bring out the essence of glamour and a magical vibe to create a lasting impression.

Compliance certificates

Sunflower Group respects and abides by the relevant laws, regulations and beliefs about food in different regions and religions. At the same time, it has effective control over pollutants and infectious diseases. Sunflower Group's food grade range of products can provide documentation on Halal certification, Kosher certification and other compliance with international regulations.

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