Market Development Overview of Aluminum Pigment Industry

Mar 07, 2022


Market Development Overview of Aluminum Pigment Industry

According to the "China Aluminum Pigment Market Research and Investment Prospect Research Report" by the relevant media, aluminum pigment, also known as aluminum powder pigment, aluminum paste, aluminum powder paste and aluminum powder, refers to the flake particle structure and bright metallic luster and other Metal aluminum powder with pigment characteristics, it is an important variety in metal pigments.

The research, production and application of aluminum pigments started in Europe and the United States. At present, the five companies of Schlenk, Star Platinum, Aika, Toyo and Sunflower Chemical occupy a very important position in the global aluminum pigment industry.

Aluminum pigments have become one of the fastest growing pigment varieties in China in the past 15 years. As domestic and foreign enterprises began to produce aluminum pigments on a large scale in China, after 2005, the output of aluminum pigments in China began to increase rapidly. In 2005- The average annual growth rate in 2015 was about 20%. In 2014, the output of China's aluminum pigments reached about 40,000 tons, plus the import volume of about 4,000 tons and the export volume of about 5,000 tons, the apparent consumption was nearly 49,000 tons.

From the perspective of the overall market, at present, China's high-end aluminum pigment products such as aluminum pigments for automotive coatings, resin-coated aluminum pigments, and water-based aluminum pigments mainly rely on imports, and the import volume accounts for more than 85%. In the past few years, it mainly relied on imported mirror silver products. In the past three years, it has been dominated by domestic production. At present, domestic mirror silver accounts for more than 80%, and the price has dropped from more than 2,000 yuan to less than 1,500 yuan. In the low-end and middle-end aluminum pigment market, domestic products have an absolute advantage, with a market share of more than 90%.