Analysis of the current situation of the world aluminum paste industry

Mar 21, 2022


Analysis of the current situation of the world aluminum paste industry

The main component of aluminum paste is snow flake aluminum particles, which are characterized by smooth and flat surface of aluminum flakes, concentrated particle size distribution, regular shape, excellent light reflection ability, mixed with transparent color pigments, and the decorative effect is very gorgeous and beautiful. Aluminum paste is widely used in automobile paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint and many other fields. According to the type of solvent, aluminum paste is divided into water-based aluminum paste and solvent-based aluminum paste. With the development of society, people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, and water-based aluminum paste will be the development trend of this industry.

With the environmental inspection sweeping the whole world, the water-based road that was originally thought to be out of reach has completely kicked off. In recent times, news about rising raw material prices, government-mandated oil-to-water conversion, and factory shutdowns for rectification permeated the entire paint industry, making people panic and finding it hard to sleep every day. Because the fundamental reason for the price increase is that a large number of factories have been shut down for rectification, which has led to oversupply in the market, and natural price increases are inevitable. However, for aluminum paste manufacturers: all aluminum pastes are ground by themselves, and they do not depend on others. They only need to buy aluminum powder by themselves. And aluminum powder is not a pollutant, and naturally there will be no price increase.

The forced oil-to-water conversion is also a big blow to the aluminum paste industry. Many customers who used solvent-based aluminum paste in the past have come to SUNFLOWER to ask for samples. One of the most common words from customers is "I didn't expect water to come so fast". However, according to incomplete statistics, the sales of several major solvent-based aluminum paste companies have increased in the first half of this year. a temporary prosperity. As for the shutdown of the factory, there is no way for water-based aluminum paste to completely replace solvent-based aluminum paste, and there is a big gap in both quality and price. However, with the continuous advancement of technology and the strengthening of environmental protection, the market space of solvent-based aluminum paste will be further squeezed, and solvent-based aluminum paste manufacturers are like frogs in warm water, and they will gradually feel the temperature rise. As for how the pattern of the aluminum paste industry will be divided in the future, it depends on whether these traditional aluminum paste manufacturers are ready to break their arms to accept the big reshuffle of the aluminum paste industry, the coating industry, and even the entire chemical industry.