Titanium Dioxide Special Committee arranges key tasks

Mar 18, 2021

On April 9-10, 2021, the second council of the Titanium Dioxide Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was held in Ningbo, and four key tasks of this year’s alliance expert committee were arranged.

Titanium Dioxide Special Committee arranges key tasks(图1)
The first is to carry out a series of technical and management training. The alliance plans to build a professional training platform for technology and innovation, focusing on the basic principles and application knowledge of the chemical unit operation of titanium dioxide production, the material balance calculation of titanium dioxide process design, the energy balance calculation of titanium dioxide process design, the design principle and operation of titanium dioxide main equipment Guides and other four disciplines provide professional basic knowledge system training for all professional and technical personnel and technical cadres in the industry.
The second is to improve precise service capabilities. The expert committee will extensively solicit opinions from all member companies, divide topics and subjects, prepare technical and management service menus for cost management, new environmental protection technologies, energy saving and consumption reduction, and reserve corresponding series of application technologies, professional expert teams, and detailed service guides. , To provide precise services for the industry and member companies.
The third is to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation. Using the Titanium Dioxide Alliance as a cooperation platform, the Expert Committee will undertake the organization and planning of the titanium dioxide industry's industry-university-research cooperation strategic level, carry out strategic cooperation with scientific research units and related enterprises, and focus on solving the key difficulties that have long plagued the survival and development of the industry and the quality of operation.
Fourth is to strengthen the construction of expert teams. The expert committee should speed up the recruitment of "outstanding young" and "well-known professors" and teams from universities, design institutes, and national key laboratories, and use the project as a carrier to improve the working methods and models of the expert committee, and enhance the quality and efficiency of services.