Research report on micro-spherical aluminum powder and metal

Apr 02, 2021

Research report on micro-spherical aluminum powder and metal(图1)
Introduction of fine spherical aluminum powder and metallic aluminum pigment
Aluminum is a silver-white light metal with good ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity, and light reflectivity. It is an important basic raw material for the development of the national economy. It is often processed into powder, flake, foil, ribbon and wire shapes.
Fine spherical aluminum powder
The fine spherical aluminum powder is made by spraying aluminum in a high-pressure gas in a molten state. The appearance is silver-gray. The particles are relatively regular spherical or water droplets. There is a dense oxide film on the surface. It can be used under dry and normal temperature conditions. Long-term storage.

Research report on micro-spherical aluminum powder and metal(图2)
The flaky aluminum particles formed by the processing of the fine spherical aluminum powder have the characteristics of light weight, high floating power, strong hiding power, and good reflectivity to light and heat. They are mainly used to produce aluminum pigments. At the same time, due to its good thermal conductivity, dispersibility and fluidity, the fine spherical aluminum powder is widely used as a new type of metal powder material in the fields of refractory materials, solar electronic pastes, chemical catalysts, etc., and belongs to the "China High-tech Product Catalog" High-tech products that are mainly encouraged and supported in China.
Aluminum pigment
Aluminum pigments are produced on the basis of flake aluminum powder materials through precision classification, high uniform mixing, dispersion, coating compound, modification, solid-liquid separation, drying, polishing and other powder processing technologies. It has bright metal Luster, unique color effect and good hiding power. It is a deep-processed product of aluminum powder functional materials. It is an important raw material for the production of coatings, printing inks and plastic materials. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics, building materials, and other intermediate products. Terminal products such as household appliances, aircraft and ships.
Aluminum-silver paste is the most common manifestation of aluminum pigments. It is mainly composed of flake aluminum powder (also known as "aluminum flakes") treated by a special process and a solvent, and its physical form is paste. According to different product characteristics and uses, aluminum silver paste products are mainly divided into flash silver paste, silver white paste, special effect pigments and functional aluminum silver paste.