Worldwide exclusive, Edible Luster Dust Chameleon

This is a surprising chameleon pigment. Whether it's its E171-free material composition or its variable color effects. You can only see him here, unique, industry debut. In the most primitive powder state, you can still feel its surging vitality.

Complete set of chameleon products

At present, we have a variety of color supply options, a dazzling number of products and ever-changing gloss effects, which makes people have unlimited imagination.

Application in the food field

When displayed on curved surfaces, it can highlight the color change effect excellently. Excellent dispersion, can evenly adhere to the surface of the product, so that each side presents a fine gloss effect.

Excellent pearl effect luster

The chameleon pigment applied to the surface of the chocolate, with its unique product characteristics, skillfully matches the curved surface of the chocolate to form a natural heterochromatic rainbow.

The effect of pigments applied in chocolate printing

Slowly switch between different angles, the color will constantly change, just like having a heart, it is beating and dancing. At a 90-degree viewing angle, it is a blazing red. At a viewing angle of 25 degrees, it is brilliant gold.

Effects applied to chocolate prints

Slowly switching between different angles, it will take on a different color, as if seeing a butterfly waving its wings.

Compliance certificates

Sunflower Group respects and abides by the relevant laws, regulations and beliefs about food in different regions and religions. At the same time, it has effective control over pollutants and infectious diseases. Sunflower Group's food grade range of products can provide documentation on Halal certification, Kosher certification and other compliance with international regulations.


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