White Edible Luster Dust free of E171

White has always been the darling of the fashion industry. When used alone, it produces a stunning white luster effect. When mixed with other colors, it provides an excellent brightening effect.

Used for wine and juice, giving excellent appearance effect

Through multiple harmless tests, the extremely low heavy metal content is its own label. Reaching the edible level, it can be perfectly used in the industries of medicine, food, cosmetics and daily chemicals.

Added to toothpaste

Adding white luster dust to toothpaste, just a little bit can instantly enhance the texture and infinitely enhance the sense of application.

Compliance certificates

Sunflower Group respects and abides by the relevant laws, regulations and beliefs about food in different regions and religions. At the same time, it has effective control over pollutants and infectious diseases. Sunflower Group's food grade range of products can provide documentation on Halal certification, Kosher certification and other compliance with international regulations.

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