The S30 Chameleon Series

S30 series chameleon pearl pigments are selected from high-quality synthetic mica as the base material, coated with multi-layer iron oxide, titanium oxide and other metal oxides through a special process, and the thickness of the coating layer is precisely controlled, so as to prepare a colorful, metallic texture and strong sense of glitter with high color pearlescent pigments.

Strictly control the production process

In the production process, from raw materials to production processes, we strictly control every link to ensure that the heavy metal content is extremely low and the microorganisms meet the standards, which fully comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 and the US FDA 21 CFR, and can be widely used in cosmetics, plastic products, coatings, inks and other fields.

Heavy Metal Content Test

The S30 series Chameleon passed the heavy metal content test with excellent results, and because of this, it is capable of operating in higher-end application environments.

Applied to cosmetics market

Sunflower's S30 series of chameleon effect pigments, with their unique color-changing effects and extremely low heavy metal content, are perfectly suitable for the cosmetics industry. Various color choices to decorate the most beautiful appearance.

Applied to automotive coatings field

Guide you to use your imagination, and the unique production process allows it to adapt to more applications.

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