Group Profile

Global production, global supply, global service.

We are a large chemical raw material manufacturer with advanced production lines and 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. It has a very mature supply system in the metal pigment industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, new energy industry, new material industry, refractory materials, construction industry and other industries.

Pearl pigments are widely used in automotive original paint, automotive refinish paint, ink, metal baking paint, plastic coating, textile printing coating, leather coating, anti-corrosion coating, masterbatch, etc.

The sales service team established by the group is responsible for the sales management of each business department. It has offices in mainland China, Hong Kong and Panama. At the same time, we have cooperative distributors in Europe, South America, Africa and other places, and have stable business supply and demand relationships with many large chemical groups.

Experienced R&D talents, sufficient R&D funds, strict production management, and advanced sales team. That's why we're great.

With advanced enterprise management system and young enterprise service team, we are confident to build a multinational enterprise with "global production, global supply, and global service".