Natural Pearl Golden Series

Gold Luster Pearls consist of mica flake, titanium dioxide and iron oxide. The different gold luster appear when thickness and the percentage of the coating layers are different . The mica powder with coarse size show sparkle and brilliant golden luster while the pigments with finer size give out attractive satin gold effect. SUNFLOWER golden luster pearlescent pigments can be mixed with each other to achieve your desired special gold effect.

Golden pearl paint finish

Mix an appropriate amount of pearl pigment with solvent and apply it evenly on the plastic mold. The delicate pearl luster is spread throughout every corner of the product, which is amazing both in terms of visual effect and touch feel. The magnificent gold effect is dazzling.

Comparison with Iriodin 305 in powder form

Compared with the products of the well-known company MERCK Group, our products are almost identical in terms of hue, gloss, and particle size. I believe it can be directly put into your production line as a replacement.

Deeper application comparison with Iriodin 305

Make deeper simulation applications by adding solvent to the gold powder. Through the result feedback, it can be concluded that the effect of the application is almost the same. This test has more reference significance for customers in the paint, coating and ink industries.

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