Aerated Concrete Industry

Aerated Concrete Aluminum Powder / Aerated Concrete Aluminum Paste
Sunflower Chemical has superb aerated aluminum powder manufacturing technology. In order to meet customer requirements, it can change the production process, material particles, post-processing procedures, etc.
Ensure that the aerated aluminum powder or aluminum paste meets the requirements of the building material's reaction start time, reaction speed, pore structure, and pouring stability.

Particle size range: D50=10-200μm
Aluminum purity: Al≥99.80%
Impurity content: Fe≤0.08%, Si≤0.06%, H2O≤0.1%, others ≤0.01%
Product features: High purity, Low impurities, Good particle uniformity.

Model recommendation:

Aluminum Paste for aerated concrete (AAC)

For models or parameters that are not in the product catalog, product customization services can be provided.

Application areas