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Water-based aluminum paste

Because the finely divided aluminum pigment particles are unstable in the presence of water (exothermic reaction forms combustible gas and converts to aluminum hydroxide, which makes the aluminum pigment passivation), so care must be taken to passivate the reaction trend of aluminum and water at the same time. Pigments for water-based paints. In order to meet the global problem of environmental pollution, and from the hydrocarbon solvents/volatile organic compounds, the water-based series is discharged through the VOC-free solvent medium with the water-based, fully using the special technology passivation to the reaction water preparation introduction.

S18751WA, S18651WA, and S18551WA are ultra-fine water-based floating aluminum pastes, which have a specially controlled particle size range in the form of corn flakes and can be used in water-based coatings and inks. Due to its enhanced leaves and high coverage, it can provide a powerful and bright metallic effect. Although all measures have been taken to passivate aluminum, it must be recognized that the instability of aluminum cannot be completely eliminated in the presence of water. Any change in the presence of any catalytic material such as temperature/pressure/pH/iron or iron oxide will make the system susceptible to the reaction. In order to handle and store water-based paint more safely, we recommend not to exceed the storage temperature above 35°C, and to keep the pH of the formulation below 9.

This series are environmentally friendly products designed to be suitable for water-based coatings and inks. Although these products contain the necessary passivating agents, due to the unstable nature of the finely divided aluminum present in water, care must be taken during the formulation process.