Electroplating Aluminum Paste

We are one of the few aluminum pigment manufacturers that can fully master the complete set of electroplated silver raw materials and electroplated silver product development and manufacturing technology, and can independently produce various electroplated silver products.
Electroplating aluminum paste is also called mirror silver paste, mirror aluminum paste, super bright aluminum silver paste and vacuum aluminum plating suspension.
It is a kind of non-embossed mirror silver produced with high-purity aluminum as raw material and a unique meteorological metallization raw material process (VMP). The aluminum content is 10-20%, the average particle size D50 is between 5-12 microns, and the oxide scale thickness. It is nanometer level, with great surface coverage and brightness, even a small amount can obtain excellent chrome plating effect (mirror effect).
Applicable industries: electric glass ink, high-grade plastic paint, wheel paint, cigarette pack ink, mirror.