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Aluminium Pigment for Inks

SF-P series-pellets and Non-dusting Aluminium Pigments for Inks was specially developed for high-end printing ink applications and has features like high solid content, strong hiding powder and adhesion strength, low dust and odour, good dispersion etc. It shows an excellent performance in flexographic printing, gravure printing and silk printing etc.,especially that we developed totally environmentally friendly products for cigarette packaging, the products can completely meet environmental and performance requirements.
SF-P series-Pellets and Non-dusting Aluminium Pigments for Inks is easy to use, it is easily soluble in most organic solvents(such as alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters etc., except haloalkane and alkane).lt as good Compatibility with most resin systems such as acrylic acid, polyurethane, PVB, cellulose, saturated polyester, alkyd,Vinyl Acetate etc.resins. Very good effect can be achieved with only very little dosage.