Aluminum Granules For Plastic

A strip-shaped aluminum pigment specially used in the plastic industry. Use aluminum paste as raw material, remove excess solvent, and add additives to extrude into a column with a diameter of 2mm and a length of 8-10mm. Its composition is mainly composed of aluminum powder, additives, and carrier. The aluminum powder in the aluminum granules is in the shape of a regular silver dollar, and the aluminum content is about 80-85%. The rest are high-molecular polymers and additives. The aluminum flakes can withstand a temperature of 280°C in the plastic (hold for 5 minutes), and some models can withstand a temperature of 300°C.

Typical application:
Dedicated to the plastic system, mainly used in the plastic injection and masterbatch industries such as household appliance shells, automobile interior and exterior decorations, plastic bags, toys, mobile phone shells, plastic profiles, metal color masterbatches, etc.
It can be applied to a variety of plastic systems, such as PE, PC, PP, ABS, PS, AS, etc.

Add directly to plastic particles or plastic powder, stir at low speed until uniform, and then granulate for use.

Suggested addition:
Add 15~45% for plastic masterbatch and 0.5~5% for injection coloring.

The physical structure of aluminum pigments is mainly a flake structure. High-speed shearing, multiple granulation, and temperature exceeding the temperature of aluminum powder should be avoided during use, otherwise it will cause the product to turn black and have no metallic effect.