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Aluminum Paste


Aluminum paste, alias: aluminum powder paste, flash paste, silver paste. Its main components are flake-like aluminum particles and petroleum solvent, which are paste-like. Its characteristics are that the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, the particle size distribution is concentrated, the shape is regular, and it has excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster. It is mixed with transparent color pigments, and the paint film has obvious "different color effect" and the decorative effect is very gorgeous Beautiful. Aluminum-silver paste is a kind of pigment. It has undergone special processing technology and surface treatment to make the surface of the aluminum sheet smooth and flat, with neat edges, regular shapes, concentrated particle size distribution, and excellent matching with the coating system. Aluminum silver paste can be divided into two categories: floating type and non-floating type. During the grinding process, one fatty acid is replaced by another, so that the aluminum-silver paste has completely different characteristics and appearance. The aluminum flakes are shaped like snowflakes, fish scales and silver dollars.