Pearl Pigment for Powder Coating Industry

Charged particles are applied to the workpiece via electrostatic forces, which are then attracted to the part, creating a thin, sticky layer on the surface. Powder coatings are environmentally friendly because they require no solvents and are economical to use and can be recycled and reused many times. Advanced technology delivers superior edge coverage, so parts will have a high-quality and durable surface.

Applied to metal parts

It has good charging performance, high pearlescent powder content, good compatibility with foundation powder, excellent wettability and leveling properties, and has a 3D effect.

Performance and quality

It does not contain organic or inorganic pigments, is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, has excellent UV resistance, corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, and has a strong metallic luster.

Safety and heat insulation

Pearl pigments specially used for powder spraying are made from a mixture of mica and metal oxides, so there is no risk of dust explosion. At the same time, due to the role of metal oxide, it can effectively block infrared light and prevent heat input.

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